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Hương bùi academy

With modern equipment from advanced countries like Germany, Japan, Korea,…with the desire to create beauty for woman,

Training center for Aesthetic inkjet tattoo Huong Bui Academy has been the trend in Technologyaestheticcommunity throughout the country.

Moreover, with a group of experts in regeneration by professional inkjet tattoo technology that has high sense of aesthetic

Huong Bui academy is honored as Phi academy by many communities and organizations, domestically and internationally

President of Huong Bui Academy – Mrs. Bui Thi Thu Huonggraduated from Thien Kim Academy with the title Hairstrockers

3rd Prize at Korean International Beauty Salon, Judge at Thai Lan- Vietnam international aesthetic contest

Judge at World congress of Aesthetic Hanoi, Master of Korean popular brand Shine

With the belief “Trust makes brand”, Huong Bui Academy always pay attention to update newest Inkjet tattoo technology of the world in order to train our learners

Huong Bui Academy always gain strong interests from customers as well as learners through our workshops and trainings by top specialists in Inkjet tattoo aesthetic over the country

We guarantee that 100% graduates from Huong Bui Academy have good skills, confidence and showthe professional in every work of regeneration technology

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