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  • Website: https://universalcommercialcapital.com
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universal commercial capital


Universal Commercial Capital is a U.S. based, private money lender. A trusted resource in real estate mortgage lending, Universal Commercial Capital is known for its flexible, common sense underwriting and efficient, hassle-free loan programs. What sets Universal Commercial Capital apart is its approach to investment opportunities and a steadfast commitment to helping its clients reach their full financing potential. Universal Commercial Capital’s leadership team has decades of experience and prides itself on a 360 degree understanding of its exceptionally diverse client base and their unique financing needs. Experience and a wealth of knowledge has lead to the development of Universal Commercial Capital’s widely-recognised, streamlined loan process, which aids customers in saving time and money. Universal Commercial Capital prides itself on its position as the most reputable lender in the U.S. offering smart and accessible loan solutions to foreign nationals. The team at Universal Commercial Capital is dedicated to continuing education and staying ahead of industry curves and ever-changing investment and finance developments. Universal Commercial Capital belongs proudly to the American Association of Private Lenders and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

When looking to finance your real estate investments in the United States, come to Universal Commercial Capital first. We’ll pick up where the banks left off.


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