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For the prosperity of Vietnamese farmersBehind the remarkable development and prosperity of Vietnam largely seen in the big cities,…... there are still many rural areas where the farmers keep working hard night and day on their field to earn their living but a secured livelihood seems to be still far away from their reach.In addition to putting great effort for farming, they are able to do nothing but praying for the good weather and a unpromised sold-out day in the village's market to gain money for their family. Tomorrow is still a blur to their eyes.With strong commitment to contribute to Vietnam's prosperity and to enhance the quality of life of the people, understanding and sharing the difficulties of the farmers, Big C Vietnam, a member of Central Group Vietnam, has proactively designed and launched the social initiative "Livelihood for Communities" program, with objectives to help the farmers to improve their livelihood, their income and to enhance the quality of their life in a better and more sustainable way.For the first time, a program like Livelihood for Communities receives the strong support and close collaboration of an independent Steering Committee including representatives from retail association, bank, research institute and university, NGO and retailer with year-long experiences on agriculture development and modern retail, sharing the same objective "for the farmers in Vietnam"Under the leadership of the Steering Committee, Livelihood for Communities provides practical support for production development and livelihood diversification for group of poor farmers, fishermen and households that live in difficult communes.

Interview of K Jariya:

- The objectives of Livelihood for Communities program
- Expectations of program to contribute to the prosperity of the communityLike other farmers in Son Ha whose life has been tightening with the farm work, Ms. Lan has got used with her routine to get up early and to stay late every day for works. Regardless her effort, her daily income remains up and down depending to an unsure sold-out luck in the village's market and does not allow her to cover the daily expenses for her family.One day, she was invited to join the “Livelihood for Communities” program by supplying her products to Big C Vietnam supermarket. For the first time, she's come to hear strange words such as: Big C Vietnam supermarket, market demand, product standard, brand building, sustainability, etc. from the program representative. She might have not understood all those notions but she felt happy because from now, her daily sold-out luck would be ensured by the program. Progressively, she gained stable income which kept increasing.

Interview Ms. Lan:
- I collect the forest vegetables and sell to Big C. This helps me to cover the daily spens for my family
- I receive the support from local authorities and Big C Vietnam to improve the packaging of the productsRaising Kiến chicken is crucial to bring income to the family of Mr. Đinh Văn Quang - one of the leaders of Chicken Group of Livelihood for Communities with 8 farmers.As part of the Livelihood for Communities program, he has been receiving support with knowledges sharing, advices for his farming plan to match the market's needs. He has been receiving also technical advices, trainings on Kiến chicken raising; coaching on building the brand for the products and even having financial support from Big C Vietnam, allowing him to expand his flock of chickens. Big C Vietnam, in return, commits to buy all the qualified chicken from his backyard.

Interview of Mr Quang:

- He has supplied Kien chicken product to BigC Vietnam supermarket since Jan 2018 and tries to develop to stick with BigC Vietnam
- Departments of local authorities and Big C Vietnam has facilitated and supported to his cooperative about farming techniques and consume products
- Product with high quality, natural and clean Mr. Đinh Văn Đẻo is a farmer living in Sơn Trung commune. He's been invited to be leader of a group of 15 farmers who collect forest vegetables in the mountain nearby. He said, thanks to Livelihood for Communities, thanks to the regular orders from Big C Vietnam, the farmers in his group found a reason to go to the forest every early morning. They feel happy on their way back as they know they can sell all their collected vegetables to Big C Vietnam for good money.

Interview of Chương:
- Vision and commitment of Central Group Vietnam to help the Vietnamese farmers and make their life become betterIt's another day like others in Sơn Hà. The life still goes on. The farmers keep working hard day and night on their field with hope of better prosperity.
For some farmers, Livelihood for Communities has made significant changes to their life. Progressively, their livelihood become more secured; their income keeps improving and the quality of their life is being enhanced.Not only in Son Ha district (Quảng Ngãi province), Livelihood for Communities is being rolled out in other provinces in Vietnam, offering chances to more farmers to change their life.Livelihood for Communities
For the prosperity of Vietnamese farmersLogo of Central Group Vietnam, Big C Vietnam, Livelihood for Communities


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